Fair Appraisal

Act as if we’re new employees in good company. Since the first sight in the office, our eyes are pampered with beautiful company mottos. Be Innovative, be productive, quality is number one, result oriented and many pretty words is glued around the building. At first, we feel on fire. We should work hard to fit what company wants us to be. At the end of the day, the management can tell to the world that “See, they are our employees. They are very innovative, productive….”

Then there comes a day when you see the truth that I illustrated you in the previous post.

How do you feel? How do you respond it?

You may be the one who thinks “Oh, my result is not good enough, I should work harder”. But besides you, I bet there are many who think “So, it’s not important to achieve the target? From now on, I don’t need to work hard or create something perfectly, because at the end, the management will calibrate my works. So let’s work slowly and hope the management will appraise me good”

The second might be the general thought of employees. It happens not only in one company.

In the employee point of view, we want the company to be fair to us. If we work hard, give us a good credit. If there are people who do not do well, give them bad credit. Fair is as simple as that.

If there is fairness, it triggers us to work so we will get the result we want. Who doesn’t want to get good result? If result seems overrated, let’s change the question, who doesn’t want much money? Big chunk of bonuses?

If the company wants us to be innovative, we will innovate. If the company wants us to be productive, we will. We will work on it. But, please be fair. Give us good when we do good.

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Appraised by the calibration

Your target is defined in the beginning. You will get “Very Good” point when you achieve certain target, get “poor” when you don’t achieve.

At the end, you achieve the defined target. You should get “Very Good” point.

But, the company tells you there’s a policy which called as “balancing” or “calibrating” whatsoever.

With many considerations, the “Very Good” you achieved is calibrated and become “Good” only.

After that, are you still trying to work hard for the company?

Your performance is appraised by “the calibration” not the work.

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Technical Expertise vs “Being Accessible

Google’s interesting way to boost their managers performance.

Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss

Why, not What you are there

As an employee, what are you doing in the company?

You may answer the question with a bunch of list activities you do every day. Like so many. You may be very proud to say that you do many things.

But, do you know why were you hired?

The answer is not as simple as listing the daily activities. This is about the job mission.

So, what’s your job mission?


Distinct Job Profile Series

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Daily Bread

Today, I heard my best friend complaining about her work. She said that everything just not comfortable, whether it is the work, the environment and the bosses. I only smiled and said”its daily bread! Why do you still complaining about that?”

I remembered few months ago when I also complaining about works. Maybe its start few years ago and I never stop complaining after that. After months knowing me and Opank saw me crying almost every night after work [didn’t complain, but I cried], he said to me gently “Please stop crying. What do your fear actually? If it’s about the money, there would be so much better that we have less money than you’re not happy. Quit now!”

Things he said made a point for me. But, I didn’t directly follow what he said. Until one day, he said “It’s useless you tell everything to me. It won’t change anything. Just quit or live with it without complaining”.

Then, I took time to think. I reevaluated what I actually really want in life. Was the work going wrong?

 I ended up with the answer “Nothing”. I like my job and I don’t have the problem with the bosses. I even could claim “I learned a lot here”. Everything was just fine. So, what’s the problem?

The problem is it’s only “fine”. Everything is going fine. Unfortunately, me don’t want the “fine” things. I want a “great” one. What I mean with “great” is doing the things I really love and being part of achieving a goal I want in life. Doing something passionate about and I’m sure enough it would be the right path to go to my purpose in life.

Finally, I decided to quit. It’s not easy and none can guarantee it would be the right decision. What I can tell you that I choose to not eat un-delicious bread, I choose to find another daily bread with possibility to be delicious bread.

Hey, I will eat it daily, so it should be delicious, shouldn’t it?


The flowers are start blooming everyday. Horay!



my first handamde brooch. yaiy!


will make more..

Soup Leaf

My grandma (80yo) is cutting “soup leaf” for my event tomorrow. So happy having her helping me :’)


Someone interviewed me, she ask me what value that I really keep in life. Things like my self principles.

In a second I answered “Honesty”

Yes, I’m the one who trying hard to tell the truth. I can fight with my family or friend if it’s related to the honesty.

And yeah.. it’s also because I ever been lied by someone. It felt hurts and kinda traumatic. I don’t want to be someone who make others hurt.

How about yours? What is your value u keep in life?

Iga Matjeje

Iga Matjeje

My friend Janhsen, who owns a Ribs Restaurant asked me to take all of menus in his restaurant. I easly said yes because I knew I would get all the delicious food he made for free *grin*.

We started the photo session at 8 pm and it ended on 12am. At first, I was so excited taking picture here and there. But, it ended up me feeling so tired. ohhh food photo taking is soooo challanging.

I thought it would be an easy task. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy 😦 I should took picture as fast as possible, because if it took so long the hottie food will look so cold. You don’t want to see a cold ribs, do you? It also need special skill. I just knew that we need to find the right angle to take the picture. 30 degrees, not too low, not too high. Different angle will give different effect. One more important thing is the ‘accesories’. You can’t promote your ribs with only ‘ribs’. You need to put tomatoes and other vegetables to make the picture look attractive.

Because of this experience, someday I want to be a food photographer *nom nom*